Sunday, June 17, 2012

At the Art Gallery

On Saturday we popped into our local art gallery. Amelia really wanted to go as she is going to be an artist when she grows up. She's 7 and was keen to see what they had added since she was last there with her school.

Wes with Amelia leading the way
As you can kind of see in the photo above there is a absolutely lovely mosaic that runs nearly the whole block. It has only been recently completed and was done completely by volunteers. Here are some close ups.
The colour of the wattle is even more vibrant in real life
We may not have picked the best day to go as half the gallery was cleared out awaiting the "Waste to Art" exhibition that will be installed over the next week. We will definately stopping in to see that.
In the courtyard was this take on a Tom Roberts work.

Also there was some magpies that someone had made, Amelia decided to go further into the arts and do a dramatic reenactment!

The lady manning the desk was a wealth of knwledge and had we gone a week earlier I would have been able to sign up for a teapot making 2 day course! Boo hoo! There is always next time. The gallery is in the old 'School of Arts' building and is funded by our local council.

Have you been to your local gallery?

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