Saturday, May 12, 2012


With Mother's Day being tomorrow, we trotted out to Ashford to see Mum (& Dad). My sister got Mum a pair of massage slippers and I got her Rhonda's Down to Earth book. It very nearly killed me not to read it but I was too scared of creasing the pages to give it a go! Can't wait to borrow it!

There was also a combined garage sale out there this morning so we went and had a look. I ended up scoring a Johnson dinner plate (though we had to buy the whole box to get it! $4) and a couple of other plates in there too.

I also got some 100% cotton to make more dishclothes and a lucky find it was as I was contemplating buying more online! Mum got some cotton too as well as a lamp. Amelia got a pair of miniture rocking horses for her dressing table which is already choc full.

I also got sent home with some molasses to make spray for the cauli's and broc's and half a dozen eggs!

I even got to start a dishcloth out there today!

Mum made lunch, which was delicious and gave the extra bonus of being the main meal so we can all just have an easy dinner. Thanks Mum!

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