Saturday, May 5, 2012

Peg Apron - of sorts!

As I said, I want to make some peg aprons for gifts this year so I unpicked my apron and it kind of fell apart as I was doing it!!! However I DID salvage the three main pieces and not really thinking it through (how unusual - not), I kind of just rushed into putting it together.

It obviously didn't occur to me why there was bias binding on the edges (duh!), so I had to do a bit of regigging of the whole apron as I went along BUT is does work as a peg apron! Luckily it is mine so doesn't have to be perfect. Lucky too that I talked to my sister and she thinks she may have the actual pattern for it ~ maybe I should have asked first!

I am off to visit my sister today, so I have a load of washing on to be hung before we go and a loaf of bread on to take with us for lunch. I might take a jar of homemade jam too! We will also pop in and see Dave's Nan as she hasn't been very well lately and I know Dave is a bit worried about her. She is awesome and lived through London's Blitz, was part of the Land Army and came out to Australia with a young family and started fresh not knowing a soul, in a small rural town! That's gutsy. I just hope she gets better real quick.

What's on your weekend agenda??? Have a good one!

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