Sunday, October 23, 2011

Making Butter

Yesterday I was making dinner early, a delicious chicken pasta dish from the $21 Challenge book that I borrowed from the library, and I was making it because my 600ml of cream was just about to go beyond the use before date but the recipe only called for 250mls so decided to make butter.I have never made it before, not even by accident. It was super easy and tastes quite different from the usual bought butter.
Basically all you do is beat your butter to very firm peaks and then turn the beater on to a low setting and beat some more.Once it starts yellowing up and clumping together keep beating and you will get the milk coming out of it. This is buttermilk and can be used in cooking too. Drain it off and beat it some more. Drain and give it a squeeze. I then added some salt and beat that in too.Then I just patted it into shape and stuck it in the fridge. It is very nice on fresh bread.And finally I shelled the very last of our peas yesterday. I think next year I will put them in a sunnier spot and plant full size ones. Yummy.


  1. what busy day making butter and ricotta!

  2. Hi Debbie, Pretty fun too! the mozzarella turned out a mess though! ha! Live and learn.