Monday, October 3, 2011

Labour Day = Lazy Day

Last day of the long weekend - boo hoo back to work tomorrow. Ah well I suppose you got to pay the bills! These are Harry's triangles for his bunting. I am loving the cricket material aptly named "Howzat". The repetition of cutting them out was very relaxing - even on an absolutely freezing night. Didn't have any room to grow button squash so I made this garden this afternoon. Its green squash in there as Dave thinks the yellow tastes yuck. I dont know that my palate is quite that discerning.

Here is my basil planted in olive oil tins. They are up the back where they can get the sun they need. I have tried to plant more herbs this year.

I planted cherry tomatoes, radishes, beetroot, more carrots and two types of capsicum - sweet and a purple variety for something different.
We had a pretty wild storm the other day and it battered my peas about. There are still plenty to be picked though and they are delicious.

My celery is just about ready to be picked. I didnt tie them up as I just dont think it makes that much difference. I know some people do to get that supermarket look, I just don't see the point.

I love my rainboe chard. I never get sick of looking at it and it is a vegetable that just gives and gives, like the humble zucchini will do in a couple of months. See my weeds? Bloody clover. Thats what rain and sun and rain and sun give you - great plants and great weeds!

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