Tuesday, October 16, 2012


We have painters doing their thing to our garage at the moment. They aren't the most tidy, clean or thoughtful people.

The washing is mine but I am so over the rubbish that they have thoughtful unearthed and then let fly around the yard in the wind. And yes that is part of a tree they cut down and left ON TOP OF MY ONIONS!

Ah hem, well they are all most done and they have done a really really good job so maybe I should take my butt and do some picking up and less bitching....maybe.


  1. Is that a guinea pig hutch in the pic? I first thought it was for chickens (a quick look) and I was massively jealous...Is the garage just getting painted or?

  2. Bitching is much more fun than picking up rubbish...maybe you could do both.