Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekend News

David's sister Julie and her son Hugh came to stay on the weekend, it was a really nice visit too. She had been to visit friends in Nundle and drove up from there. They are thinking of moving up this way so Dave took her for a drive around to see what there was to see!

On Sunday we took her to the markets. I got some green tomato and zucchini pickles that are yummy. I am currently out of pickles/relishes for our lunches and these are lovely and the lady who made them comes from Bundarra. I also go a bunch of rainbow chard for $1. I really really love there colour. I have four of these seedlings planted in the back garden.

I transplanted my snowpeas today so I am hoping they shoot off and start growing like weeds! The lettuce is just about ready to be picked so I hope this is a sign of things to come. Sadly my Eden seeds didnt arrive today so more than likely tomorrow will be the day. I cant wait to start raising them ready for spring - I got my green house ready!

The fairy garden looks so fantastic - the picture does not do it justice! I love going out there but will have to put in the next lot of flowers soon so it still has colour after the primulas die off.

Did a bit of cooking this weekend too. I made lemon butter, passionfruit butter and mixed berry jam (raspberry, strawberry and blackberry). I made a tray of muesli bars and maybe the best loaf of bread I have ever cooked!

Other big news in our household is that Miss Amelia lost her FIRST tooth yesterday! Dave spotted the gap after she ate her lunch....and her tooth! But not to worry she wrote a very nice letter to the Tooth Fairy letting her know all about the situation and left it in her tooth bag under her pillow. Luckily the Tooth Fairy must encounter this all the time because in her tooth bag this morning she found money!
Lastly I got the ginger beer bottled. I am leaving this lot a bit longer as I want a good strong fizz this time. Cross your fingers!

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