Sunday, August 22, 2010


Today I sowed the first lot of seeds I got from Eden seeds, their website is Here they all are sitting in my greenhouse.

I sowed:

  • Mignonette lettuce
  • Richmond River Apple Cucumber
  • Beetroot cylindra
  • Silverbeet Rainbow chard
  • Jap Pumpkin
  • Turkish Turban Pumpkin
  • Melbourne Early beetroot
  • Jalapeno chilli
  • Capsicum Californian Wonder
  • Roma tomato
  • Jubilee tomato
  • Break O Day tomato

Some of them will find that their new home is just below - well nearly, Dave will be done by this arvo and then it will just be the dirt to come!Look's like the sweet peas are finally going to bloom. The non-dwarf ones have not grown to their full height so I will have to see about another spot next year. The camellia has bloomed and it is lovely. The flowers are HUGE on it, like bread and butter plates.And here is where the roses used to be! They all went to new homes though. I am thinking of putting purple, blue and pink lavenders in here. Mum said she has a couple for me.


  1. You will be able toput the lavender plants in your green house to they get a bit bigger.

  2. Thats a good idea, I found in this book I borrowed from the library that there are purple, blue, pink and white lavender plants. I think thats what I will go for.