Friday, October 15, 2010

Rain Again

I am getting tired of the rain. I know its a good thing but it would be just lovely if we could have a week or two of nice weather before the next lot of rain. Water is just sitting on my lawn.

This is a pic of the carrots and silverbeet. The silverbeet have been giving and giving, they were the first thing planted and are still going. Amelia's flowers brighten the back corner of the yard.
This is where the brussell sprouts grow. Those little round things are brussell sprouts.

I finally found two cauliflowers in the garden, at first I thought they were cabbages that hadn't hearted!

This is the plot for my cucumbers.

My tomatoes that Mum bought me.

Hilled potatoes that after this rain will need to be done again.

My potted herb garden, well the start of it with mint, basil and chives.

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  1. all looking extremely healthy.Must tell dad competion is getting strong.