Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Love My Garden!!!

Guess what? Tonight we are having Spinach (okay silverbeet) impossible pie and salad for dinner. The Silverbeet is from the garden and everything in the salad apart from the tomatoes is from the garden too. Isn't that great? I think its wonderful!

This is only a part of the results of my weekend of weeding!
Yes, these delightful plants are my potatoes poking there lovely heads above the mulch! I am just waiting for them to get a little bigger and then will hill them up!
Vegie garden numero uno

Everything is looking so good and I love being out there so much I have been neglecting the housework. I spent hours weeding on the weekend and now only have a small bit to go. Well at least in comparison to what I had to do. It was my own fault as I had let it go for a few weeks and with all the rain we have had everything is growing well like a weed!
Here is Dave doing the edges, I am watching to make sure no plants accidently get a haircut. Not that I am overbearing but we did have an incident that involved Dave, the whipper snipper and about a dozen garlic plants.
The apple tree has leaves! Spring has sprung.

There is one sour point in my garden at the moment and that is my tomato seeds are not germinating nor are my capsicum or chillis. Hmmm. Maybe I am not getting enough warm days in a row?? When the new garden is in I am going to try direct sowing. I would buy a couple but I am stubborn!! I will persevere for a few more tries before giving in!

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